"Great story, great fantasy, great characters, all the good things you read a book for tied up in a neat little bundle of well articulated prose... started book two, looking for more from this extremely talented author."


Lurquhart, Amazon Review

The Shadow & The Sun

In love or in war, she’s never met a man she considered her match. 
Among the living or the dead, he’s never needed anything from anyone.
Until now.

Shadow Mage Gethen is the keeper of the border between the living and the dead and brother to the king of Besera. But his dark powers begin to fail as a vengeful entity attacks his lands and provokes hostilities between allied kingdoms. He should be relieved when a formidable lady in armor appears at his gates with offerings from a powerful king. But he finds the price for her aid too costly—his allegiance in her father’s war against Gethen’s brother. 

Militess Halina is undaunted by the threat of war between her homeland Ursinum and neighboring Besera. She earned her titles by shedding blood and breaking bones, and she’s never met a man she couldn’t command or crush. So when she’s ordered to gain Gethen’s loyalty or remove his head, she expects this man to be no different. But Halina doesn’t know her father has thrown her and her holdings into the offerings she’s presenting to the mage. Nor does she realize just how precarious the Shadow Mage’s situation is.

When a deadly blizzard traps Halina at Gethen's citadel, passion and power unexpectedly ignite between them. With the evil entity rapidly weakening Gethen’s sorcery, they have little time to understand their unexpected attraction or counter the king’s manipulation. But could their union be key to both overcoming King Vernard’s control and defeating an ancient enemy that’s hell-bent on obliterating their world?

Magic, adventure, suspense, and love collide in an epic fantasy that’s perfect for fans of swords and sorcery and a touch of romance.

the Militess & Mage series