Short Stories

"Monica Pierce is one of my go-to authors when I'm looking for a story that I know will suck me in feet first. Her writing is simply incredible. Her stories are compelling."

Tee Kay, Amazon Review of "Rust and Ruin"


Pauper. Protector. Whoreson.
Once a notorious necromancer’s slave, Magod is Princess Arevik’s chosen Voice in Mourning. But he feels like an ox among peacocks at Tatlis Castle. And though he's sworn to safeguard her, he's stunned when that duty results in forbidden love, attempted murder, and a family’s disgrace.

Princess. Rebel. Witch.
The youngest princess of Ursinum, Arevik mourns her murdered father. When her elder brother takes the throne, he commands her to marry for strategic alliances. Arevik does her duty, though it's Magod’s affection that stirs her fierce spirit and her voice’s powerful magic.

An impossible love. A ruinous secret.
Can Magod’s and Arevik’s love survive when lies hide behind courtly smiles and a kingdom’s future is at stake?


Sometimes it takes more than strength and training to complete a mission, sometimes it takes heart.

For twelve years Ehtishem Mahle has crisscrossed the post-invasion ruins of the Pacific Northwest, searching for Rachel Pryne, the missing, adult daughter of his friends Joe and Ellie. Twelve years spent sleeping on dirt, bathing in frigid rivers, and living off the land. But he’s an Ohnenrai soldier—a walking weapon—and he’s endured far worse on other planets in the name of duty. Yet a chance encounter with a young Terran refugee will make Ehtishem question whether or not he can protect a single child, let alone find and safeguard the woman who’s DNA holds the key to saving not only Ehtishem’s people but every living species on Earth and beyond.


Accused of adultery and manslaughter, and nine months pregnant, Rachel Pryne faces community judgment and a terrible decision. She can accept the protection of her community's leader -- the man who fathered her child by rape -- or be expelled into a world devastated by alien conquerors. Rachel must choose death or the devil and find hope somewhere in between.

In this short story prequel to the sci-fi/post-apocalyptic novel, Girl Under Glass, readers meet Rachel Pryne and discover just how determined a mother can be, even when the odds against her are overwhelming.