Just finished this marvelous short story set in the Militess and Mage world. Absolutely terrific. As a reader of the series, I already loved the characters having met them before. But the story works as a stand-alone, too. A princess-and-the-pauper tale with a delicious twist. Surprises, action, and romance abounded. Simply superb!

Vicki Stiefel, Amazon Review

He’s a pauper, a protector, a whoreson.
She’s a princess, a rebel, a witch.
Can their young love overcome the ugly truth that threatens to separate them forever?


Well written, atmospheric and good characterization making it impossible not to want to read the next book.

Dellama, Amazon Review

Accused of adultery and manslaughter, and nine months pregnant, Rachel Pryne faces community judgment and a terrible decision. She can accept the protection of her community's leader -- the man who fathered her child by rape -- or be expelled into a world devastated by alien conquerors. Rachel must choose death or the devil and find hope somewhere in between.


Rust and Ruin is a prequel to [Monica Enderle Pierce's] novel, Girl Under Glass. Told from Etishem's POV (the male main character of the series), so much insight into his character is shared. I love that I saw Etishem's humanity--and he's not human. :-)

Tee Kay, Amazon Review

Sometimes it takes more than strength and training to complete a mission, sometimes it takes heart.